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Nak'd Cocoa Coconut Bars

For frequent readers of this blog, you will all be aware that I am an absolutely, MASSIVE fan of Nak'd as a brand. They never fail to impress me with their innovation, their flavours, and their overall ethos as a company. They bring out new products and constantly expand their ranges on a regular basis, never letting anything become stale, but without releasing the same thing just for the sake of it.

This time they have brought out a Cocoa Coconut bar. A classic combination which we all know and love, found in various guises and forms. A simple partnership, but effective when done well. Nak'd have ventured into this flavour area before, with their immensely popular Nibbles range. I thorouhly enjoyed that interpretation, so I couldn't imaine not loving the bar version.

And indeed, I blooming well did enjoy it! It tasted utterly delicious. The bar looked like a typical Nak'd bar. Brown, quite squidgy, but somewhat firmer than some of their other flavours. I suspect that …

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