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Ape Coconut Bites

First Impressions
Coconut has become such a boring thing, with it being relegated to the role of health food or the forgotten chocolate in the quality street box. I never tend to hold out much hope when something claims to be deliciously coconutty. But alas, I have not yet given up! I came across these whilst picking my snack in my Boots meal deal, and I was intrigued. Where thy sweet? Where they savoury? Or perhaps a mixture of both. I quickly grabbed them, rushing to the till to buy them and munch on as soon as I got home.
The packaging is quite fun, with a playful feel to the design. The colours worked well to play on the traditional colours associated with coconut flavours (anyone actually know where this has come from...?). The font was great, both easy to read, whilst still giving you a feel for he brand and what they stand for. I really enjoyed this.
With a variety of brilliant claims, such as high in fibre, and one of your five a day, I couldn't find a reason to res…

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