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Asda Vegan 'Chicken' Popcorn

I used to absolutely adore chicken popcorns. The spicy, crispy, crunchy coating, with the soft filling. Doesn't sound quite as nice when I think about what was actually in the filling now... 
But my woes have been answered by the fantastic product team at Asda! They have done the impossible and created vegan popcorn 'chicken'. I was as stunned as you are, my dear readers, when I came across this on the vegan chat forums (I assure you that this isn't as weird or as boring as it sounds!). Instantly my attention was captured, and I knew that I needed to try them. So, I ventured out to Asda, a woman on a mission, determined to find these almost unreal promise of vegan chicken popcorns! 

I quickly located them in the frozen section and grabbed three bags, praying they would indeed be delicious and I wouldn't be left with three bags of deeply unpleasant faux chicken balls... 
So I opened the bag as soon as I got home and popped them chickens in the oven (I'm extremely …

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