Kettle Chips Baked Variety

I'm not really the biggest crisp lover but I do have a soft spot for Kettle Chips as they are so crunchy and just delicious so when I saw this new healthier version of Kettle Chips I picked up a bag of each flavour. 
The flavours were very good, sometimes I think with lower fat crisps they can be a little boring or muted in flavour but these certainly weren't, they were as crunchy and as flavoursome as the regular fried version and I would recommend them not only to those watching their weight but anyone who is a fan of tasty, crunchy crisps! I really enjoyed them, the chilli ones had a nice kick to them that wasn't overwhelming or too spicy that they became uncomfortable to eat. 
Overall I would definitely buy these again, I look forward to the other future flavours that they will bring out in this range

Rating - 7.5/10
Calories - 97-99 per Pack
Buy Again - Yes


  1. ooh great find! I love Kettle Crisps so I need to try these. I'll keep an eye out for them! :)


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